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RRR INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS is Manufacture, Wholesaler and Trader of Fasteners like Mild Steel Full threaded and Half threaded Hexagon bolts etc., These bolts are used in various industrial applications and are highly appreciated among our clients. These are available in various sizes as per the clients requirements. Offered Bolts are well known for their chemical resistance and corrosion resistance nature. Moreover, it can be availed at industry leading prices.

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e are using premium quality wire rods and raw materials for manufacturing these bolts. The Hex Bolt MS is a high-quality, general-purpose bolt designed for use in a wide range of applications. The bolt features a hexagonal head that can be tightened or loosened using a wrench or pliers. The bolt is made from carbon steel, ensuring it is strong and durable.The Hex Bolt MS is commonly used in construction and engineering applications, including the assembly of machinery and equipment, the installation of structural steel, and the construction of bridges and buildings. It is also frequently used in automotive and marine applications, where its strength and durability make it an ideal choice. We deal in the best quality MS Hex Botls. Hex bolts find its usage in an array of applications, including fastenig wood, steel, and other construction materials for projects such as docks, bridges, highway structures, and buildings. We provide these MS Hex bolts to our patrons at very affordable prices.

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What are Hex Bolts Used for

They may be used to secure wood, steel, and other building materials and come in a variety of finishes, lengths, and thread styles, so they’re not just for on-site use. Hex bolts are commonly found in docks, bridges, highway infrastructure, and buildings

Choosing between Partial Thread or Full Thread:

It is important to consider what y……

It is important to consider what your application needs, whether it needs grip strength or maximum resistance.

If it is grip strength that is required, then a full thread bolt made of whichever material your application requires. For resistance, it’s the partial thread bolts.

These are utilised in the producti…..

These are utilised in the production of various machinery and construction components for various industries

Full thread bolts are for applications that require more grip strength. These can also be used within the automotive industry in parts such as body panels, which do not require the same level of holding force that motor mounts need.

Full thread bolts have no thread-fre…..

Full thread bolts have no thread-free portion, meaning that the threads run from under the head to the tip.

When alignment and shear strength are not as heavily required, a full thread bolt will be the better option. The full thread bolt provides exemplary grip strength.

A full thread bolt –  once mount……

A full thread bolt –  once mounted – spreads the pressure along the entire length of the fastener. The highest amount of pressure is placed on the head of the bolt once it meets the material in which it is fastened.

Half threaded hexagon bolts

Partial thread bolts are often used within the automotive industry within alternators, motor mounts and water pumps – all of which require high precision and extreme holding force. These type of applications require precision to achieve the type of alignment required for the best possible fastening.

When partial thread bolts are tightened, their grip length is drawn tight into the hole, pulled by the threads that are exposed – creating the resulting force that is needed to hold motor mounts securely.

Partial thread bolts host an area below the head of the bolt that is completely devoid of threading, which is what gives them their ‘partial’ name.

The area that is devoid of threading varies in length, with different lengths being used across different applications.

Partial thread bolts are known for providing resistance and alignment. When the application requires a large amount of force to hold an object in place, these bolts are able to provide the required resistance – with the non-threaded portion hosting no weak spots that could potentially shear.



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